Incorporate the Computer Science Principles seven big ideas explicitly with every topic covered throughout the course, especially when having class discussions so students can clearly see course goals.

  • Post the College Board’s 7 Big Ideas, listed below, prominently in the classroom.

    • 1. Creativity

    • 2. Abstraction

    • 3. Data and Information

    • 4. Algorithms

    • 5. Programming

    • 6. The Internet

    • 7. Global Impact

  • When you introduce a topic, point out which of the 7 Big Ideas it relates to.

  • As the course progresses, ask students to determine which of the seven big ideas a topic relates to.

    • Have them explain how it relates and see if they can connect a topic with more than one big idea.

    • This can be a great tool for in-class discussions.

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