Have students complete practice CSP Performance Tasks so that students can get feedback and coaching on their performance before the actual test where you’re not allowed to help.

  • Because teachers are not allowed to help students while they are working on the the Performance Tasks (PT) for the AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course, this gives students a practice run where they can get feedback and coaching the writing the Performance Tasks requires.
  • Have students peer review each other PTs.
    • The volume of reading and revisions is too high for the teacher to provide timely feedback.
  • Use this peer review process Rebecca Dovi developed with help from AP and IB english teachers:
    • First, students swap their PT with another student
    • Next, give one statement to students to steer them in the direction of what they are looking for.
      • Never give students more than two statements to steer them.
      • Example Statements:
        • Using a highlighter, mark each time the writer uses emotional language.
        • Using a highlighter, mark every time the writer answers a specific question from the prompt.
          • This one is especially helpful because students often think they have answered a question when they may not have been clear.

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