Have students practice creating an infographic as an option for the Visual Artifact component of the CSP Performance Task: Explore.

  • It’s important that your students get a chance to practice all the skills necessary for successfully completing Performance Tasks on the AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) exam.
    • As such, having students develop an infographic using an online dataset and Excel as practice gives them experience creating visual artifact.
  • Activity:
    • First, students find a dataset.
    • Next, students must create charts in Excel that communicate important information from the dataset.
      • Provide clear examples of successful infographics and charts so that students understand what is expected of them.
        • The visual artifact must be a visualization, graphic, or movie, so an infographic is only one option of many students can choose from.
    • Then, have students embed these visuals into a PowerPoint file.
    • Lastly, have students work on arranging this data in a meaningful and visually compelling way.