Use sounds in Scratch to make it clear when particular lines of code are being executed because it can be really hard for students to figure out the order of execution.

  • When learning Scratch, it is hard to understand the order in which the blocks are executed, particularly with control and event structures like if, forever, repeat, and when green flag clicked.

  • This can be a good trick to use when debugging code as well, particularly for helping students distinguish between an if block and a forever if block.

    • Ask students" If we put a play note block HERE, how many times would we hear the note play?"

  • You can use the sound blocks for debugging the same way you can use print statement in other languages.

    • Ultimately, we use these structures to help make it explicit when particular lines of code are executed.

  • Check out the YouTube Video, Programming in Scratch 2.0: Making a Maze where Colleen Lewis demonstrates using sound for debugging.

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