Start and end class with a short assessment by using daily warm-ups and exit slips; this will maximize instruction time and help you track student progress, plus it will validate the students’ efforts

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  • Starting assignments should:
    • require a visible product (such as a piece of writing) to hold students accountable.
    • For instance, you may ask students to define or use vocabulary terms, or write short pieces of pseudocode. 
  • Exit slips should:
    • be quick and easy for the teacher to check after class is over. 
    • A Google form may be especially convenient for this since data is automatically summarized and organized.
  • Using data from these assignments, create a bar graph for each student's growth throughout the class.
  • Note from the CS Teaching Tips Team: Reminding students that hard work will help them grow as learners (and result in improved data results) uses the idea of the Growth Mindset.


External Source

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