Show students multiple examples of iteration in Scratch to help them understand and recognize more abstract programming patterns.

  • Helping students identify and understand similarities between pieces of code that use iteration will improve their understanding of iteration, loops, and variables.
  • Applying and customizing programming patterns, like iteration, is a powerful tool for programmers.
  • All of the scripts below have the same overarching structure, iteration.
  • Top left: set pen size to (5), repeat (10): pen down, pen up, move (30) steps, change pen size by (5). Top right: set (my number) to (10), repeat (11): say (my number) for (0.5) secs, change (my number) by (-1). Bottom left: set tempo to (60) bpm, repeat (10): play drum (1) for (1) beats, change tempo by (20). Bottom right: set (my note) to (60), repeat (10): play note (my note) for (0.5) beats, change (my note) by 1

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Colleen Lewis' CS10K Scratch Webinar