When introducing version control, set students up for failure to facilitate group discussions; it’s crucial that students develop good modes of communicating.

  • Communication is not an easy skill, especially when conflict or disappointing results are involved.
  • When assigning a project using GitHub or other version control systems, students will often start coding right away, without checking in with their partner or team.
    • This results in serious errors like merge conflicts.
  • By creating an environment that lets students fail, this elicits a conversation about what they actually want their code to do and how they can work together to achieve this.
  • This makes team work meaningful as opposed to simply obligatory, like when students are explicitly required to plan.
  • To achieve this, be willing to help students get unstuck and accomplish the task.
  • The task should be hard because it is hard to do alone, not because it’s just hard on its own.

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