Seek out others to be part of your mentees’ mentoring team to ensure they have access to a wide network of mentors that can relate to and provide support for the wide variety of situations they’ll encounter.

  • Make sure your mentees encounter a broad and diverse set of people during their research experiences. Ideally, many of these people they encounter will have shared backgrounds and experiences with your mentees.
    • If you don’t match the gender, race, or socio-economic status of the student, find people who do to be part of the mentoring team.
  • Develop a mentoring pyramid with undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.
    • Let the graduate students mentor the undergrads, even though they’ll make some mistakes.
    • This gives your graduate students the opportunity to develop their mentoring skills and provides an additional mentor to your student.
  • NCWIT’s Mentoring-in-a-Box resource is a great resource for mentoring women. You should use it!
Help your mentees develop diverse mentoring teams so they have mentors who can help them achieve their goals and relate to them because they have similar backgrounds