Have students greet you professionally by shaking their hand as they come in the classroom on the first day!

  • Teach students to introduce themselves professionally by shaking hands, making eye contact, speaking clearly, and smiling.
  • Help students realize they are learning professional skills in the classroom that matter outside the classroom.
  • It’s important that students practice vital professional skills in the classroom.
    • Professional introductions are a skill they will use over and over again.
  • Greet each student at the door on the first day and make them give you a firm handshake, say their name clearly, smile, and make eye contact in order to gain entrance into your classroom.
    • If students don’t get it right the first time, send them to the end of the line to try again.
    • It takes some students multiple tries to gain entry; a lesson they won’t forget.
  • Once every student succeeds at the professional introduction and makes it into class, lead a discussion about the process they just went through.
    • Highlight the essential elements of a professional introduction, 1) a solid handshake, 2) eye contact, 3) clear voice, and 4) a smile.