Point out Scratch’s built-in variables before students create their own variables so that students become familiar with variable-related blocks.

  • When students create their own variables, they’ll be able to set and change the variables using "set" and "change" blocks.
  • Built-in variables, such as direction and costume, have "set" and "change" blocks associated with them.
    • The direction variable has "point in direction _" and "turn right _ degrees" blocks.
    • point in direction (90); turn right (15) degrees
    • The costume variable has "switch costume to _" and "next costume" blocks.
    • switch costume to (costume2); next costume
    • Other built-in variables include x, volume, and pen size.
    • set x to (0); change x by (10)set volume to (100)%; change volume by (-10)set pen size to (1); change pen size by (1)
    • Check out our other tip about the difference between setting and changing variables in Scratch!

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Colleen Lewis' CS10K Scratch Webinar