Organize an orientation session for first-time student attendees to ensure they get the most out of their CS conference experience.

  • Start the orientation by explaining to students what a conference is, why people go, and how to read the program.
  • Tell students they’re not obligated to go to everything.
    • Let students know it’s okay to be overwhelmed. Remind them to take some time to reorient themselves in these moments.
  • Have a discussion about conference norms, like:
    • Is it okay to use a laptop or phone during sessions?
    • Is it okay to leave one session to go to another?
  • In small groups, have students introduce themselves, read the program, discuss what sessions they want to attend, as well as make plans to meet up for plenary sessions and meals.
    • You can also make plans for the entire orientation group to meet up for meals and sessions throughout the conference.
  • Before students leave, remind them not to spend the whole time doing homework.
    • There are so many once in a lifetime opportunities at a conference; it’s important to take a break from homework to take advantage of them.

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External Source

"Preparing Undergraduates to Make the Most of Attending CS Conferences" by Janet Davis, Christine Alvarado, Miranda Parker, and Jennelle Nystrom.