Have the class make instructions for a Robot class you created that will bring Chipotle back to the classroom to motivate instructions and method sequencing.

  • This is a good activity in CS1 prior to having too much knowledge of looping, conditionals, etc.
  • Activity:
    • Project a map containing the classroom and a nearby Chipotle (or another popular, local restaurant).
    • Have the class create instructions to get the robot to Chipotle.
      • The instructions they write will essentially be the "main" of a program. The robot is the class that gets them to the location.
  • Use this activity to help students differentiate between an object and what is done to the object while solving a problem.
  • You can also use this activity to tie in sequence diagrams.
    • Sequence diagrams work nicely with the step-by-step, google-maps style directions students use to get the robot to a given point.

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