Show students many examples of computer science to help them see that computer science isn’t just about programming.

  • Activity:
    • Have students identify things that are computer science, make sure students identify a variety of examples.
    • Here are some examples you can come prepared with that students might find interesting:
      • The creation of movies and other multimedia content.
      • The question of whether or not we can tell the difference between the behaviors of people and the behaviors of computers, the turing test:
      • The recommendations of other movies you might like on Netflix or the friend recommendations made on Facebook.
      • The analysis of data that are meaningful to them (e.g. health, sports, etc.)
      • The design of computer interfaces.
        • Accessibility exercises are good here.
        • You can also link in binary representation using ideas/examples such as chorded keyboards.
      • The planning of bus routes and coordination of traffic lights.
    • Help students see that computer programs are used in a lot of different places.
      • It is sometimes difficult to have students think of situations/places where programming is NOT used.
        • "Analog" almost has no context for younger generations.

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