Reward students when they catch a mistake or ask a question you can’t answer to encourage critical thinking and engagement.

  • Students who are paying attention and thinking critically.
  • An environment where you don’t have to fight for respect from your students.
    • When you create an environment where students don’t believe their teacher is infallible, you don’t have to hide mistakes from them to maintain their respect.
  • Small incentives can go a long way and be a fun addition to the classroom.
  • Modeling a positive response to being corrected or challenged so students learn to respond in similar ways.
  • Keep a bag of small prizes to give students who catch mistakes or ask pertinent questions you can’t answer (e.g. school supplies, swag from conferences, etc.).
    • You can also give out prizes for asking a question a lot of students had.
      • You can figure out these questions by checking to see if other students are nodding in agreement when a question is asked.
  • After class, let those students pick a prize from the bag!

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