Misconception: Students frequently forget to add delimiters when writing HTML and CSS code, this error is called unclosed pairs.

  • For example, consider the following errors below that involve forgetting symbols that delimit data.
    • h1 { font-size: 20px color: 0000FF; }
      • In the CSS code above, there are two missing delimiters. There should be a semicolon ; following 20px, and there should be a hash symbol # in front of the hex value 0000FF.
  • Remind students to check for missing delimiters.
    • These are a skill-based errors that students will improve on with exposure and practice.

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External Source

"Towards a Taxonomy of Errors in HTML and CSS" by Thomas Park, Ankur Saxena, Swathi Jagannath, Susan Wiedenbeck, and Andrea Forte.