Misconception: HTML Beginners confuse tags with attributes and values.

  • Consider the following incorrect solution to aligning an element’s text to the right:
    • <align="right">Sidebar</align>
      • align is an attribute of a tag, but not a tag in itself. This misunderstand results in an inability to complete the task successfully.
      • If align were used as an attribute to a tag like the div tag or the paragraph tag, the text alignment would be changed successfully.
        • <p align="right">Sidebar</p>
        • <div align="right">Sidebar</div>
  • Students may also confuse tags with attributes and values.
  • This type of error is called a knowledge-based error. It occurs as a result of significant gaps in knowledge regarding the basic syntax and semantics of HTML elements, including tags, attributes, and values.

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External Source

"Towards a Taxonomy of Errors in HTML and CSS" by Thomas Park, Ankur Saxena, Swathi Jagannath, Susan Wiedenbeck, and Andrea Forte.