Make reflections a part of every class project so that students have an opportunity to learn from their completed work and think critically about how they performed, what they learned, and mistakes they made.

  • Have students reflect by giving them several questions about their project that they need to answer.

    • Students must answer these questions in paragraph form, writing at least one paragraph per question.

      • Paragraphs must be at least 5 sentences.

      • Tell students they all have to explain why in their answers.

  • Below are some sample reflection questions:

    • What went well with your project?

    • What was the most difficult part of your project?

    • How could you improve your project if you had more time to spend on it?

    • Are you satisfied with your project?

    • What advice would you give to someone else who was assigned this project?

    • Describe how you applied problem solving steps in this project.

    • Did you solve the original problem? How could the problem be solved differently?

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