Have students compare two hypothetical job candidates using their resumes and social media profiles to discuss issues that impact online presence and searching for jobs.

  • This assignment is called the "Trillion Dollar Footprint" and can be found at Common Sense Media for free: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/lesson/trillion-dollar-footprint-6-8
    • In this assignment students compare two candidates for a job as a TV host based off of their resume and information found from their digital footprints.
  • This assignment helps students understand the hiring process. Often times students will have reasoned disagreements over who to hire due to preferences about what a candidate should have.
    • With this information, students are well prepared to apply for jobs in the future and are better able to understand that reasonable people might have different preferences.
    • Students also learn about some pitfalls of digital footprints and the job search, like potentially contradicting information between a resume and social media profile.