Establish a gallery of current and past projects to motivate students and to build community as students get to show off their work.

  • For show-casing current projects: 
    • Try having your students do a "gallery walk." You can have students display their work on their computer monitor and then go around the classroom to look at the work of their peers. If you want students to have the opportunity to explain their work to their peers, have students born in an odd month start by walking around and then swap. This practice can help build community in the classroom. It can also increase students' motivation to get to see the work of their peers.
    • Example: "In 30 minutes we'll do a gallery walk to share our work!"
    • See this and related tips as a Tip Sheet:
  • For show-casing past projects:
    • Establish a gallery of past projects and artifacts from your class to highlight how computer science work covers a range of topics beyond video games, websites, and math.
    • Draw attention to the gallery in your classroom and use it to show students examples when introducing projects and assignments.
      • By seeing what other students have done, your current students get a taste of what they can accomplish so they can set appropriate goals.
    • Attach the biographical details of each project's’ creator to let current students see that they are just like your old students and can create exciting projects in your class.