To ensure equitable access in your classroom, don’t allow language reinforcing the idea that computer science is “guy stuff” in the classroom, even passively.

  • Be conscious that female students in computer science classes are sometimes "perpetually teased" (Margolis 35) by their male peers, and this can lead to a decrease in their interest in computer science, regardless of how much they enjoy the subject matter.
  • Use non-gendered pronouns when referring to programmers or inanimate objects to ensure female students and students of all genders feel included.
    • For example, when referring to an inanimate object, say "it" or "this thing" instead of "this guy."
      • It can be really hard to eliminate "this guy" and "you guys" from your vocabulary, but it’s definitely worth the effort.
    • For more information, watch Philip Guo’s CS Education Zoo interview.

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CS Education Zoo Interview with Philip Guo

Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing by Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher, in Introduction: "Women out of the Loop"