Encourage your students to apply for things that seem out of reach by sharing stories about what you learned from applying for things you didn’t get or that seemed out of reach.

  • Encourage students to apply for amazing opportunities that are a good experience, even when they don’t succeed!
  • Students don’t always realize that everyone has failures, and this can be paralyzing.
    • This is why it’s so important to share you own stories of fear and failure with your students so they realize they’re not alone.
  • Encourage with sentiments like:
    • If you never hear no you’re not asking enough.
    • You succeed at something if you don’t apply.
  • Tell students stories about jobs you applied for that you didn’t get and what you learned from those moments!
  • Explain to students that if they feel like nobody else fails, it’s because, most of the time, you only find out about the jobs people get—not the ones that they wanted, applied for, and didn’t get!

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