Emphasize that computer science teaches a way of thinking that can be used in careers in the tech industry and beyond.

  • Emphasizing the problem-solving nature of computer science can help students understand that programming, at its core, relies on learning computational thinking.
  • By focusing on the cross-over skills one can gain in a computer science class, you'll encourage students who may not consider careers in computer science to take a computer science course.
  • Telling students about computer scientists in their backyard can help disrupt the idea that only super-stars get CS jobs.
  • Students often think that computer scientists only work at large technology companies.
    • Students often don’t realize computer scientists work across a variety of fields.
  • Tell students about the computer science jobs that exist even within their school and district (Database admin, webmaster, network admin, etc).
    • That can make computer science seem close to home!

Encourage students to stick with CS by providing them with role models and mentors in the tech fields