Create a group of student mentors who have already completed your school’s introductory computer science courses to give current students peer role models.

  • Student mentors can help struggling students when teachers are not available.
  • Student mentors can help students who complete assignments early by providing additional challenges or context.
  • The following three features are an important part of a successful student mentoring program:
    1. Have weekly meetings between mentors and instructors to "discuss how the class is going, what concepts students are struggling with, and how best to assist students."
      • Make sure to take feedback from mentors seriously as it will allow you to make relevant modifications in the classroom.
    2. Select mentors based on their "friendliness and ability to relate to students who may be struggling."
      • A mentor’s ability to connect with students is more important than their performance in the course.
    3. When mentors are selected, make sure they understand your confidence in their abilities.
      • Selection into a mentoring program can help with student retention in computer science.