Consult with students who are visually impaired to determine what software and hardware tools can be provided to make your class more accessible to them.

  • Keyboards: Most individuals with visual impairments use standard keyboards, but some need large-print keytop labels.
  • Software: Computer-generated text and graphics can be enlarged on the monitor so students with visual impairments can use standard word processing, spreadsheet, email, and other software applications.
  • Screen-Colors: Visually-impaired individuals may also use software to adjust the color of the screen or foreground and background colors.
    • For example, light sensitive people can find it helpful to invert black text on a white background to white text on a black background.
    • These individuals may also find it easier to read antiglare screens.
  • Text-to-Voice: Individuals with low vision may also use speech output systems.
  • Printed Text: Some scanners can read printed material and store it electronically so that it can be read using speech synthesis or printed in larger print.
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