Combat stereotypes about computer science and computer scientists. This shows students that, regardless of their personality or other hobbies outside of CS, they could become computer scientists too!

  • Here’s two possible ways to combat stereotypes:
    • Use physical activity in class
      • Students may believe that programming has to be quiet, solitary, inactive work, so here are some examples of active activity that can be brought into the CS classroom
        • Have groups of students take turns completing tasks - like coding or debugging - in relay races to get them moving.
        • Teach students about loops using dance routines that repeat simple choreography,
        • Have students physically pass messages to each other to learn about the internet.
  • Share a non-computing hobby to show engineers have non-stereotypical interests.
    • Students might assume that all computer scientists want to program 24-hours a day and have only stereotypical hobbies. Even if you fit these stereotypes, the field doesn’t require these things. Make sure students see that you have other interests to help them understand that regardless of their interests they can become computer scientists.