Challenge students to rethink their notions of computing and computers when discussing the social implications of computing.

  • Exemplar Activity:

    • Lead a short discussion.

      • Ask students, "What does a computer look like?"

      • Direct students to draw a quick sketch of a "computer", then share.

    • Next, invite students to find examples of computing devices that do not fit the examples they drew.

    • Ask students to brainstorm characteristics all these examples have in common and characteristics that are different across these examples.

      • Compile these as a class.

    • Challenge students to find esoteric examples of computing.

    • Finish with a writing exercise using prompts:

      • What is the novel example of computing you have chosen?

      • How does it fit the list of characteristics outlined in class?

      • What prior technology or human effort does this example replace/streamline/support?

      • How does your example affect society/people/human effort?

        • This question is the most important question for covering social implications.

        • Make sure to ask your students this question whenever performing an activity like this.

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