Ask an open-ended question and encourage constant student participation, rather than responding to the class after each student makes a point, to lead engaging discussions and debates.

  • It is important to avoid asking questions where you are looking for one best answer. These questions lead to IRE (Interrogation, Response, Evaluation) sometimes known as guess what’s in my head.
    • This is when you respond to students who are discussing instead of encouraging and eliciting the response of other students.
  • Consider the following example questions that use Productive Talk Moves for an in-class discussion about efficiency:
    • "We would agree that efficiency is good, but there are many debatable elements to efficiency."
    • "There are multiple kinds of efficiency. Which is best? Speed? Size?"
    • "Can you ever maximize all kinds of efficiency?"
    • "Does it even matter if code is efficient?"
    • "What about less efficient code that is more readable?"
  • Note from CS Teaching Tips Team: Check out Michelle Friend’s tip to learn more about Productive Talk Moves.