When teaching Web Development, look for a textbook with good examples, not just good explanations.

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  • Good examples can show students valuable ways to approach problems, and walk them through the steps.
  • The following are some useful textbooks concerned with Web Development:
    • Principles of HTML, XHTML, and DHTML, Don Gosselin, Cengage Technology, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-538-47461-0
    • Web Development and Design Foundations with XHTML, 5th ed, Terry Felke-Morris, Addison Wesley, 2011, ISBN 978-0-132-12270.2
      • There may be newer editions of this book available.
    • Core HTML5 Canvas: Graphics, Animation and Game Development, David Geary, Prentice Hall, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-13-276161-1
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