Use Class Responsibility Collaboration (CRC) cards to consistently introduce ideas like objects throughout an AP CS course.

  • This consistency creates a comfortable familiarity with students and allows them to constructively revisit topics.
    • Even if students are never going to code the class, creating an index card with the name of the class at the top, attributes of the class on the left-hand side, and methods on the right-hand side is a great way introduce students to the idea of objects.
    • If you use a car, typical attributes are the color, the model, the year and the methods include activities like starting the car, braking, and more.
    • Extra info fromCS Teaching Tips: For more info, check out the article A Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.
  • Extra info from CS Teaching Tips: For more info, check out the article A Laboratory for Teaching Object-Oriented Thinking by Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham.

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