Teach students to combine critical-thinking skills and smart-searching techniques so they can produce relevant Internet search results.

  • Students proactively build up their Internet searching skills so their searches produce the best results possible.
    • Instead of indiscriminately clicking on the first few links from the millions of results produced by a simple search, students will know how to make searches that produce fewer results with higher quality links.
Reason: Action:
  • Teach students how to actively control their internet search to produce the best results in the first place when using Google.
    • Use Search Tools to limit queries to a particular time range.
      • Search Tools in Google is located under the search box next to the "more" drop-down box (at the end of the menu of result categories types).
      • Example: Users looking for the most recent advances in medicine or technology can filter by date to find the most current articles.
        • Another filter users can try is site, which limits search outcomes by domain type. For only education domains, use site:edu
          • This is a good filter when searching for recent advances in medicine because preliminary research first takes place and is published in academia.
    • Build up a search using Google’s Advanced Search, located within the settings’ gear icon, which can be found under the top right corner of an active search page.
      • You can use advanced search to narrow down the results by site, domain, region, language (English, Spanish, etc), file type, and usage rights.
      • Example: Put the the country in the region section of the advanced search to find out how a country reported on an event.
        • Region allows users to look for resources from a specific location or country.
        • In a regular search bar you can search by region by typing in the countrycode after site: (e.g., site:fr for resources coming from France)
    • Teach students how to rate a website using a checklist.
  • Check out tour tip on filter bubbles to learn about what does not show up during your web searches.
Tutorials and videos on how to use Google Advanced Search: