Students tend to make assumptions about computer science based on the experiences they’ve already had with computers.

  • Remember, students are rarely total newcomers to the world of computers. They often "come to school with a wealth of ‘informal’ knowledge" about how computers work, based on their interactions with video games, the internet, etc. While students are new to the world of formal computer science, don’t discount the existing familiarity many students have entering the classroom. (Kolikant 544)
  • Students will naturally want to use their background knowledge of computers and apply this knowledge to new situations, even if it’s not applicable or misleading. To students, it’s likely completely logical to "use pieces of knowledge that were productive in previous situations even though they may no longer be so." (Kolikant 544)

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"Computer science as a cultural encounter" by Yifat Ben-David Kolikant, under "A new metaphor for learning in the school context"