Students have trouble seeing the connection between models (UMLs, etc.) and code so they only want to focus on coding, a problem when teaching modeling.

  • Teaching modeling can be difficult because there isn’t immediate feedback, use tools like UMPLE to help keep students involved.
    • ( UMPLE is a modeling tool and programming language family to enable what we call Model-Oriented Programming. It adds abstractions such as Associations, Attributes and State Machines derived from UML to object-oriented programming languages such as Java, C++, PHP and Ruby. Umple can also be used to create UML class and state diagrams textually.
    • UMPLE can help build the gap that motivates students when it comes to learning modeling .
  • Students need modeling because there are tangible benefits and values to learn:
    • Planning is vital to large scale software projects.
    • Validating designs at the early stages.
      • Maintaining a model is much easier tl than maintaining the code.

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