Split students into groups responsible for programming different tasks in Java to create a Set game, this will allow them to learn to distributed work in environments that mirror industry.

  • Activity:
    1. Moderate an initial discussion of object-oriented design principles and project design.
    2. Appoint one Project Leader and two Group Leaders, and split the rest of the students between Group 1 and Group 2.
      • The Project Leader and Group Leaders must be enthusiastic, have strong organizational skills, and be fluent in using an IDE and putting projects together.
        • Group Leaders can also participate as developers in some tasks.
        • You, the teacher, can act as the Project Leader.
    3. Group 1 and Group 2 write and test code independently of each other.
      • Additionally, individual members of the groups work independently on their tasks.
        • If some members of the teams have completed their tasks, Group Leaders should encourage them to help other group members.
        • Once all tasks are completed, the Group Leaders should test the completed code before passing it on to the Project Leader.
  • The emphasis of this project is on teamwork and project design rather than the specifics of writing Java code.
  • For a detailed explanation and all of the necessary files for this activity, download the Game of Set zip file.