Replace classroom lecture with co-teaching to keep students accountable during course time and ensure student engagement.

  • This activity keeps students present and paying attention, It also ensures students aren’t talking over each other.
    • It’s an extremely useful technique when students find a topic dull or boring.
  • Co-Teaching Activity:
    • Create an even number of student groups (or an odd number of groups if you, the instructor, want to participate as your own group).
      • Groups as small as two work well in this activity.
      • It’s more important that there are an even number of groups than it is for groups to have the same number of students.
    • Assign a specific topic for each group to learn.
      • Each group must be responsible for distinct topics.
    • Pair groups together after they’ve had time to learn their topics.
      • Paired groups take turns teaching each other about the topic they covered.
    • Following the pair teaching, have pairs report what they learned from the other group to the class.

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