Give students opportunities and resources (people, books & the web) for asking and answering their own questions.

  • Remind students that getting another perspective, e.g. from a different book or resource, can help them understand the topic.
    • They can go to a library and try different books that might explain a topic in another way.
  • Point out to students that computer science isn’t a solitary task.
    • That’s why computer science classes aren’t taught on deserted islands.
  • Make sure students have a "phone-a-friend" or other support systems to help them through assignments.
    • One way to achieve this is to facilitate interaction within the class, e.g. "Have you talked to so-and-so about this?"
  • Online courses are a great way for students to answer their own questions because they can see course material from another perspective.
    • Some course sites such as even have a forum where students can ask and answer questions.
  • Use so that students can answer other students’ questions and you can answer questions outside of the classroom.

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