Get at eye-level when working with students who are working in their seats, rather than standing above them to reduce intimidation so you develop good student teacher relationships.

  • If you’re working individuals or groups of students, it is good to sit at eye-level with them.
    • While you might stand at the front of the room to lecture, assuming the position of students when you’re working with them directly helps create an environment where you can work with them more like a peer.
  • Note from CS Teaching Tips: This tactic can have adverse effects when working with students who are in wheelchairs, because people are often patronizing them or infantilizing them when they "bend down to their level."
  • Example Scenarios:
    • If you’re helping a student debug code, sit or squat so that you’re at eye-level rather than towering above them.
    • If you’re checking-in or working with students are working in small groups on a task, sit down instead of pacing around while standing above them.

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