Explain that when you ask an object to do something the proper syntax in Java is to say object [dot] method, sometimes there is additional information required.

  • Below is the outline for an activity to reinforce this idea, it utilizes the programming languages visual stage to have students solve a scenario-based, play-like problem using object oriented framework.
    • You can try to substitute the language your course uses instead of using Alice.
    • This activity can also be used to introduce parameters.
  • Activity:
    • Give students a scenario-based problem.
    • Have students write down all of the nouns - those are the objects.
    • Have students write down all of the verbs - those are the methods.
    • Have them make object [dot] verb combinations to form an instruction for the computer.
    • Next, they’ll create a sequence on paper of the order in which the instructions should be executed.
    • Finally, students code the solution in Alice.
      • Students might need to adjust the instructions and order to complete the animated solution to the scenario.
      • Get Alice for free at http://www.alice.org

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