Encourage students to work on side projects to make sure they are getting enough programming practice and to make them more marketable.

  • If students are only programming in class, they’re probably not programming enough.
    • People don’t realize just how much you need to practice to become a competent programmer.
  • Have students come up with a project that interests them to work on in their own time.
    • This shows passion to prospective employers and keeps the students interested.
    • If students feel strapped for time, suggest working a project into another aspect of their life.
      • Are they having roommate problems or volunteering to help an organization? Create an app or a website associated with the problems and activities they’re familiar with.
      • Accountability from other people will push students to work harder and do more than they imagined.
        • Students can’t be too lazy to implement a feature when other people are counting on them.