Emphasize the importance of planning and analyzing code to students with previous CS experience.

  • When students perceive themselves as "computer veterans," they’re less likely to follow explicit instructions on design and analysis.
  • In one study, students with strong backgrounds in computer science, taking an advanced course, often "delegitimized class assignments" because they felt they had enough background in computer science to determine the worthwhileness of their teacher’s assignments. Students in this class felt assignments were "unrepresentative of the computer world" and "In some cases, despite being aware that a specific program [of theirs] does not fully meet the requirements (i.e. the professional standards), students decided that it was good enough because ‘a user can’t tell.’" Further, these students "attributed the teachers’ judgment that the program was incorrect to ‘pettiness’ (Ben-David Kolikant and Ben Ari 2008).
  • As a teacher, take into account that many students are very involved in a "computer-oriented culture" and many consider themselves well-versed in the computing world, even though they’re usually newcomers to the world of programming.

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"Computer science as a cultural encounter" by Yifat Ben-David Kolikant, under "Research on teaching and learning difficulties in CSE"