Draw concept maps in class, in groups, or individually on the last day of each unit to ensure all students have developed a correct and helpful model of the material covered.

  • Creating a physical representation of ideas can help students connect low level details with high-level concepts for each unit.

  • Activity:

    • Brainstorm as a class different concepts that you’ve covered in the current unit.

    • Next, have students pair up or work alone to develop a concept map using these concepts.

    • Have students share their concept map by:

      • creating their concept map on a chalkboard or whiteboard, or

      • displaying their concept map using a document camera.

      • having everyone put their concept maps on a large flat surface side by side.

    • Discuss the strengths of each concept map to reinforce some of the concepts and connections from the unit.

    • Alternate activity using concept maps:

      • Assign different units to each student to develop a concept map for.

      • Combine these all into one concept map at the end of the class as a course overview and study guide.

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