Create a program where local high school students come to your elementary school to teach younger students computer science in order to give your students relatable role models.

  • These mentoring programs are particularly impactful because high school students can bridge the culture and age gap that many teachers cannot.
  • Before the high school students come to your school, have them practice the content the younger students will be working on to ensure they’re ready to mentor.
    • Provide the older students with explicit instructions on how to interact with the elementary students.
      • For example, if a younger student asks for help, the older student should should talk through the problem and guide the younger student to a solution (as opposed to taking control of the computer and solving the problem for them).
    • Since many high school students are not able to effectively manage the classroom, it may be helpful to have teachers lead the beginning of the program, and then slowly give the high school students more responsibility.