Connect everyday language with a formal truth table to introduce AND and OR to students.

  • Showing students how their spoken language connects to logic constructs can be incredibly helpful. 
  • Activity:
    • Step 1: Illustrate AND/OR using English
      • “I’m wearing a green shirt AND I am wearing blue shoes”” Point out that if you said AND, they both have to be true 
      • “I’m wearing a green shirt OR I am wearing blue shoes”IPoint out that since you said OR at least one one of these must be true.
      • When teaching logic, students will ask how to implement the English convention “and/or”, which is just OR. When students want to do “X and/or Y,” what they mean in logic is just X OR Y. 
    • Step 2: Replace English phrases with variables L and M
      • Note: Using variables A and B may be more common, but can create confusion in sentences because “A” is also a word. 
      • Introduce variables L and M to replace the phrases surrounding the logical operands with. Explain that it doesn’t really matter what the statement is!  Let’s call the first statement L and there other statement M. 
    • Step 3: Introduce logic tables
      • Walk through individual lines of the logic table and ask students to predict what the answer would be. Explain, if L is true and M is true, is L AND M true?  
      • After you’ve drawn out the table, introduce the mnemonic “OR means MORE” to help students remember that an OR creates more true statements.

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