Choose an appropriate IDE that fits course goals. For AP CS, use an IDE that doesn’t autofill to give students more practice writing code on their own

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  • A good way of doing this is to create a list of what you want your students to take away from the course and find an IDE that fits those goals.
  • This will ensure that teaching isn’t hindered by issues with the development environment.
  • Note from the CSTeachingTips Team: For IDE suggestions check out Choosing a Java AP CS (CS1) IDE” by Hélène Martin
  • For instance, for AP CS classes, use an IDE that doesn’t autofill.
    • Learning to code from nothing is very hard and extremely important.
    • This is especially crucial for the AP test where student’s will not have any autofill or autocorrect on the free response.
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Hélène Martin's website under "Choosing a Java AP CS (CS1) IDE"

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